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Refinancing your home mortgage could
save you thousands of dollars per year.
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How The Refinancing Rate Engine Works.

Customize.  Refinancing your home mortgage requires the right data.

First of all, Fortress Home Mortgage will put the power in your hands!  All of our borrowers receive the benefit of multiple offers.  As a result, you’re valuable loan application is given more consideration.  This is beneficial for our borrowers.  Lenders try harder when there is more competition, for instance.  Furthermore, the offers are instant and specific to each unique input.

Secondly, our Refinancing Rate engine is flexible.  In other words, borrowers control the direction of their new home loan.  For example, you can make multiple inputs to check rates daily.  Additionally, you can select an exact target rate.  Best of all, you decide the terms of your loan without any hassle.  

Finally, you may shop your loan rate in peace!  Meaning, you select the offer that suits you best at your convenience.  And, without the hassle of your phone blowing up with sales calls!

Fortress Home Mortgage has successfully helped many Royal Oak homeowners.  That is to say, our wholesale mortgage rates beat the competition!  For confirmation, click our Google reviews for references to our outstanding service.  And, search our blog for more valuable content.  Or better yet, click here and schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

We have earned our excellent reputation as a local mortgage provider.  Try the refinancing rate engine and view the BEST mortgage offers from our competing banks.  Every rate offer is all inclusive.  And In Real Time!  

Fortress Home Mortgage Guarantees The Lowest Rates And Fees.



Refinancing Rate Engine

  • STEP 1

    Input your specific criteria into the drop down selections located within the Refinance Rate Engine

  • STEP 2

    Click the SUBMIT button and review the multiple real time quotes that best suit your requirements.

  • STEP 3

    Click the “view details” button to see the exact terms of the mortgage offer.  

  • STEP 4

    Complete the Contact Request information to secure your RATE LOCK.  Every quote comes with a unique ID along with a date & time stamp. All inquiries will be quickly responded to by Fortress Home Mortgage.

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