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Non-QM Lenders
Bank statement loans provided by non-QM lenders!
Non-QM bank statement loans!


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Non-QM Lenders | Highlights

Where to find non-QM lenders.  

How to figure your average monthly income; bank statement loans. Bank statement loans.  

Self-employed income. 

Average monthly deposits.

Bank statement home mortgage; non-QM lenders! Free consultation.

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Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

Monthly Insurance $1421

Monthly PMI $0

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Non-QM Required Documentation

Non-QM lenders; required documentation bank statement loans. Apply now and get pre-qualified!1.  12 months of bank statements
2.  Copy of current business license
3.  CPA or book-keeper contact info

On paper the process is extremely simple.  Essentially, all that a borrower needs to begin the underwriting process are the above docs.  All in all, these are the items to start your non-QM mortgage journey!

Where to Find Non-QM Lenders

Non-QM lenders for self employed business owners; bank statement loans

Non-QM lenders are typically aligned with mortgage brokers. In other words, borrowers must work with a broker in order to find a non-QM loan product. Fortress Home Mortgage is the answer to your non-QM home loan! Virtually, every mortgage broker has a non-QM product line. However, these products are not nearly as straight forward. For example, verifying income through bank statements requires additional underwriting requirements. Such as, proof the business has been in operation for two years or more. Additionally, providing a verification letter from your CPA, or bookkeeper. Ultimately, the non-QM loan requires more documentation on a case by case basis.  Click here to schedule your non-QM free consultation!  In the simplest of terms, Fortress Home Mortgage is the go-to resource for your new non-QM mortgage! 

Non-QM Lenders Non-QM Lenders; Bank Statement Loans for self employed owners. Bank Statement Loans

Without a doubt, Fortress Home Mortgage is a leader in non-QM loans. We have helped many self-employed business owners. Specifically, documenting income by way of bank statements. First, we confirm how long the business has been in existence. Usually, the threshold is two years or more. Second, we request a minimum of 12 months (or 24 months), of bank statements. Next, we tally up all of the business deposits for a minimum of one year. Lastly, we calculate the total (annual deposits), and then divide the figure by 12. In effect, this procedure determines the gross monthly income. Subsequently, non-QM lenders rely on competent mortgage partners to provide exacting pre-qualification details.

Non-QM Lenders Non-QM Lenders; Home Mortgages. We provide bank statement loans! Income Advantages

Unquestionably, verifying income via bank statements is the main advantage. Non-QM lenders offer this an alternative to W2’s, or 1040 tax returns. Oftentimes self-employed borrowers do not show as much income. Therefore, an alternative is needed to qualify. Non-QM lenders understand, and more importantly provide a direct solution. More importantly, Fortress Home Mortgage knows precisely how to structure your loan app. We can create a customized plan specific to your self-employed business model. Thereafter, we will clearly outline the needed documentation to qualify. All in all, non-QM lenders need reliable mortgage brokers. In the end, Fortress Home Mortgage is a highly successful broker, and we will get you approved with one of our multiple non-QM lenders.

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