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Mortgage Tutorial Videos

Who Benefits

Mortgage tutorial videos are to the point and educational.  Subsequently, all borrowers benefit by gaining helpful mortgage knowledge.  

What’s In It For You

Viewing our mortgage tutorial videos will provide clear cut answers to the mortgage process.  With this purpose in mind, borrowers will receive advanced knowledge before applying.

Watch and Learn!

View as many videos as possible.  We’re always adding new content.  And, by all means give us your feedback. Likewise, we could always use a few pointers!

Mortgage Process Simplified

The first thing to remember are the two main sources of needed documentation.  As a result, it dramatically speeds up the process!

5 steps to a successful mortgage app

Is there a formula to a successful mortgage?  As a matter of fact there is.  Watch the video and learn the basics in under a minute. 

Mortgage Broker V. Mortgage Banker

Learn the advantages of working with Fortress Home Mortgage.  As a mortgage broker, we offer more than a mortgage banker!  

5 Advantages of a Mortgage Broker

Understanding the advantages of a mortgage BROKER can save you a lot of time and MONEY! 

Mortgage Broker in Birmingham

Are you ready for a new mortgage experience in Birmingham?  Fortress Home Mortgage is your solution!

The 4 C's of mortgage underwriting.

Got a quick minute?  Learn the 4 C’s of underwriting and find out how easy it is to get approved!

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