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Mortgage FICO Score
Mortgage FICO Score. Free mortgage home affordability analysis.
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Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

Monthly Insurance $1421

Monthly PMI $0

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Mortgage FICO Score | Highlights

Instantly learn the method of FICO scoring.

How FICO scores impact your borrowing power.

We do not place a hard inquiry on your credit report.

Additionally, we offer a free mortgage tri-merge upon request. 

Mortgage FICO Score

Our free mortgage FICO score analysis is absolutely worthwhile!  First and foremost, we provide our analysis without a hard pull.  In fact, we allow you to provide us with your existing credit report.  That is to say, we offer our mortgage FICO score analysis without adding an inquiry to your credit.  By doing so, we ensure the integrity of your existing FICO scores.

The FICO Score Analysis   

Free mortgage FICO score analysis.It is important to understand how credit is analyzed for a mortgage application.  Surprisingly, many people do not know the difference.  For example, a tri-merge mortgage credit pull is graded much more stringently.  In fact, the tri-merge scores are typically LOWER than a free credit pull.  In general, the scores can be lower by 10 to 40 points.  Ultimately, it really depends on many factors. 

During the initial analysis, Fortress Home Mortgage focuses solely on your credit activity.  That is to say, we look at the 24 month payment history.  First, all open revolving and installment debts are reviewed.  Second, we look for any past due accounts.  Third, we confirm the status of any deferred debt, such as student loans.  Overall, we know precisely what to look for on your credit report.  Lastly, we provide a thorough plan for a seamless mortgage application.  Additionally, we have the ability to instantly boost your credit scores.  Often times, an extra 5 to 10 points will make a huge difference!  In the final analysis, we take the hassle out of your mortgage FICO score.

Mortgage FICO Score Report

In some cases, clients not only want to know their score, but the true FICO score.  Specifically, they inquire about the method used by the lending underwriter.  In such circumstances, Fortress Home Mortgage will provide a free tri-merge report. Following this, we determine your mortgage FICO score and provide a free mortgage worksheet summary.  All in all, this service is the best for determining your home buying affordability.

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