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About Us 

We ORIGINATE Home Mortgages!

mortgage-applicationPriority # 1 :  The Home Mortgage Application

As the owner of Fortress Home Mortgage, I have originated mortgages for more than two decades, and I can tell you firsthand that the money for a new home will not magically appear.  First and foremost, the funds for a home mortgage “originate” by completing an accurate Loan Application.  This is the number ONE document!  It is the starting point for every home loan, and when executed properly it expedites the journey to OUR destination; a/k/a the LOAN SETTLEMENT!

Priority # 2 :  Documenting The Home Loan Application

The second most important requirement to obtaining a successful mortgage is YOUR documentation.  Every lending underwriter will require PROOF what is stated on the Loan Application.  In other words, VERIFY AND DOCUMENT the information on your loan app.  In general, the main items to verify and document are: a.) income in the form of paystubs and W2’s, b.) cash reserves in the form of bank statements, and c.) items related to your credit report.  Like every home borrower in America, every client must comply to the same rules and guidelines regulated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  There are no shortcuts for anyone!  I am successful at ORIGINATING home loans because I follow the rules.  And, I understand the lending guidelines.  Scroll a little further down and check out the document Google reviews.

Priority # 3 :  Apply

Our best advice to all prospective home buyers and existing home owners is to click here and complete the no obligation inquiry.  We enjoy getting to know our clients and personally I take pride in helping people achieve their home financing goals.

About The Owner

As the proud owner (and main originator) of Fortress Home Mortgage, I work very hard to ensure all of my clients receive my maximum effort on their loan application.  I am well aware of the importance of financing a new home loan, and every borrower (and Real Estate Agent), can be assured of timely updates throughout the underwriting process.  I am easy to work with and I enjoy getting to know my clients.  Click here to review my past Google reviews and feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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